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Two Spies and a Vekllei Girl

Thursday, Oct 19, 2017
⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

In Nevada about this time of year, the temperature stays steady at 45 degrees (~115 in yank). The asphalt sticks to shoes. On the far right is Lenny the Jew. The moniker is his own; he’s a Jew from New York who ended up working for the Vekllei Rocketry Corps, the Vekllei espionage agency responsible for operations in the southern United States. Lenny the Jew is good with women, and violence. He operates as a β€œlive” agent, hunting and eliminating Chinese and American spies when necessary, bringing radicals over the border to cause trouble, and squeezing persons of interest for information. His boss is sitting next to him. Michael operates the Vekllei Rocketry Corps, but rarely participates β€œlive”. His daughter, shipped over from the homeland after the death of her mother, understands the secrecy β€” but not the scope β€” of what he does. Lenny the Jew has affection for Tzipora; she’s a strange kid that doesn’t get on well with her peers, so he brings her gifts when he calls by their house.

Vekllei espionage is chaotic. Very little interest is given towards industrial espionage, unlike the Chinese, who are chasing aerospace and nuclear technology. Vekllei is interested in provoking, destabilising, disrupting, distracting and sabotaging political and economic life in the United States. The Rocketry Corps, despite its name, ferries drugs over the border, commits terrorism and murder, disappears threats, distributes agitprop and pampers people of interest. It is the largest of the localised Vekllei espionage agencies, with little judicial oversight and a nationalistic fervour that makes the Rocketry Corps one of the largest internal threats in the United States today.