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Aloubaera Republic

Aloubaera is part of Kalina
Aloubaera Republic
Constituent Republic of Vekllei
Part of Commonwealth Kalina
Capital Scarborough
Population 72,045
Languages English, Creole, Spanish
Area 300 km2
Vekllei Accession 1930, as part of the Alford Agreement

The Aloubaera Republic is a constituent republic of Vekllei, and parts of the Kalina Commonwealth. It is just 35km northeast of its neighbour republic of Kairi.

Aloubaera has a tropical climate cooled substantially by its exposure to the sea. Most of the island is hilly, and reaches 550m above sea level at its highest point. Its interior is home to dense biodiverse rainforest, most of which is protected within the Aloubaera National Forest. It is vulnerable to seasonal hurricanes moving along the south hurricane belt.

Most Aloubaerans are black or mixed-race of African descent, though minority populations of Whites, Caribs and Indians also live there. The republic remains dependent on Kairi for electricity and tertiary education. A local creole and English are widely spoken.

The republic’s economy consists of municipal goods, light agriculture in communal smallholdings, and some domestic tourism. It has spectacular coral reefs in its south, and there is a hotel there. Nonetheless, island life on Aloubaera is insular and close-knit, and many young Aloubaerans leave for Kairi or other parts of Vekllei for study and work.