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Moshel Street School

This article is about a location in Vekllei

The Moshel Street State School, also the Moshel School or Lola 6th, is a Central School in the borough of Lola. It is the second-largest school in Lola, and offers schooling between Prep and Year 12. It is also Tzipora’s school, and is where she completes her secondary schooling upon her arrival in Vekllei.

As a Central School, Moshel St occupies a large grounds that are well-equipped with facilities, including a dining hall, multipurpose gymnasium, photographic, photonic computing, and chemical laboratories, and a large school library. Other school facilties include a multi-faith chapel and school farm. It is considered an average Central school for the Vekllei metropole, but its cricket teams and sports facilities are highly regarded.

Like most Vekllei schools, Moshel St has a house system consisting of Loh, Vosmiosn, Reznor, and Halifasmiosn.