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Black Republic of Haiti

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The Black Republic of Haiti is a country in the Caribbean, occupying the eastern third of the island of Hispaniola. It was founded by black slaves who rebelled and won freedom from France in 1804, and most of its population today is descended from those rebels. Since independence, Haiti has been beset by political and economic problems and natural disasters that have severely impeded its development.

In 2045, a series of coups and widespread political unrest collapsed the Third Haitian Republic and Haiti fell into anarchy. In order to restore society and prevent widespread famine, the staged an intervention to deliver aid and depose the criminal Destine regime. After the war, with aid and security from CO members, the Fourth Haitian Republic elected a black-liberationist communalist republic influenced by Vekllei, and operates a mixed socialist economy styled after the Seychelles.

As a member of the , Haiti has seen rapid development in the last twenty years and its education and health systems have improved significantly. In addition to the CO members, Haiti maintains close ties with socialist republics in Africa, particularly the Guinea Socialist Republic and the Latin Africa.

Outside of its close political allies, Haiti is functionally a closed economy and trades mostly subsistence crops. It remains a net importer of most manufactured goods.