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Community of Oceans

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The Community of Oceans (CO, or OCEANS) is an international and regional organisation dedicated to the advancement of island and oceangoing communities worldwide. It was founded by the Vekllei and is headquartered in Oslola. It has observer status in the United Nations General Assembly and maintains offices throughout the Atlantic, Caribbean and Pacific regions.

The role of the council is to draw islander and oceangoing nations closer together, promote independence from larger powers, establish and protect democratic systems, and provide investment and humanitarian aid to underdeveloped members. The Council of Oceans historically offers a pathway to full membership in the Commonwealth of Oceans.

The Community of Oceans also maintains a number of other international organisations dedicated to specialised roles.

Community of Oceans

  • Organisation for the Advancement of Island Democracy
  • Crisis Internationale
  • Aid Internationale
  • International Oceans Bank
  • International Oceans Police Organisation

Member-States of the Council of Oceans