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Universal Cotton

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Universal Cotton S.c.L. is a bureau based in the Vekllei Islands. It is the largest clothing manufacturer in the Commonwealth, specialising in shirts, trousers, skirts, dresses, and underwear. It supplies most department stores in the Vekllei Islands as part of the Commons Comfort Scheme of the Vekllei government, and has a significant presence throughout the Commonwealth.

It trades overseas under the Universal Cotton Company brand. It also owns a number of sub-brands through its industrial council, including Mia and Atlantic. Including its sub-brands, Universal Cotton is among the largest clothing manufacturers in the world and contributes billions to VKIM market capitalisation.

Universal Cotton also produces factory schematics and product designs which are licensed to small factory lots.

Universal Cotton Organisation

  • Universal Cotton General Council
    • General Secretary
  • Universal Cotton Industrial Council
    • Vekllei Fabricworks
    • Sofi Textiles
    • Disio Cottonwear
    • Disio Adventurewear
    • Vekllei National Mills
    • General Mills
    • Cava Mills
    • 21st Century
    • Atomic-Atomic
    • Bonds Company
    • Atlantic Textiles
    • Sova & Gillis