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Bureaus in Vekllei

Part of the industry series of articles

Bureaus in Vekllei are industrial syndicates of companies that represent substantial or monopoly power over an industrial market. Their existence is recognised by Vekllei economic policy as a means of furnishing a reasonable standard of living for Vekllei people outside of the anarchy of the private markets. As a result, bureaus are concerned primarily with the public good and industrial policy.

Bureaus typically consist of a general council, which organise votes from workers in subsidiary companies into company ballots, which are used to establish standards and self-regulate industry. Bureau membership also allows interaction with the Vekllei International Market, and provide a means for foreign investment and export. Companies within bureaus still compete against each other.

The largest bureaus include Electra and Universal Cotton. Electra represents a collection of state-owned electricity generation companies, and Universal Cotton consists of over a hundred individual clothing manufacturers. Although state monopolies may form a bureau in part or as a whole, bureau membership does not necessarily imply state ownership.

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