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The Borough of Mumen

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Overview #

This article is about a borough of Vekllei

The borough of Mumen is an administrative region on the southwest coast of Vekllei, located in the Capital Region south of Pharos and west of Little Vekllei. It is named after Mumen, the city neighbourhood to which it belongs. It is home to one of Vekllei’s primary immigrant processing centres, and now hosts a thriving immigrant community populated mostly by Southern Europeans. It is best known for its touristy seaside and bright white beaches, which take advantage of Southwest Vekllei’s warm gulf climate.

The main beach in Mumen, the nicest of the seaside districts, is constructed out of sand imported from the dunes of Africa. Where the rest of the country has black sand, a symptom of its volcanic turbulence, Mumen has nice yellow sand.

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History #

Although people have lived in Mumen since the earliest days of Vekllei settlement, the Borough of Mumen was incorporated in 1996 from two previously existing municipalities, called Sizm and Musma. When we talk about Mumen today, we usually talk about its vibrant immigrant fusion cultures, made up of Greeks, Croations, Italians and Spanish migrants that arrived throughout the late 20th Century.

In the late 1990s, Mumen was revitalised as part of a broader effort towards modernising Vekllei’s tourist infrastructure, much of which survived the atomic bombing. The borough’s signature white beaches, along with its seaside resorts and promenades, were constructed during this time. Although highly visited by foreign and domestic tourists alike, the city of Mumen is less travelled, and retains the dense migrant community districts of its prewar years. It has some of the best food in the Capital Region.

The town is the birthplace of former Prime Minister Come Des Desvouisan (1982-2067).

Geography #

Although Mumen is most famous for its beaches, this coastal borough been oceangoing long before tourists arrived. Close to both Pharos and positioned along Vekllei’s southern gulf ocean currents, it experiences warm summers and mild winters, though suffers sporadic rains in both spring and autumn.

Towns #

  • Mumen
  • Chitti
  • Petty Greece

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