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The Borough of Lita

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Overview #

This article is about a borough of Vekllei

The borough of Lita is an administrative region in the east of Vekllei, located in the Lava Region west of Copette and south-east of Krafla. It is named after Lita, its largest population centre and science town nestled in the glacial basins made by millions of years of freshwater runoff. It is well-known in Vekllei as the site of the Lita Cosmodrome, the primary launch site for industrial and scientific spacecraft. It is also the de facto headquarters of the Cosmos Office (Cosmoburo), even if its operations remain de jure centred in Vekllei Proper. The population of the town of Lita and its neighbouring villages is heavily affected by the Cosmodrome, transforming the borough into one of the primary astronomy and astrophysics hubs of the country.

The Royal Borough of Lita was not far from Copette, one of the Five Crown Boroughs of Vekllei, but this was Vekllei’s glacial interior and it felt a million miles from anywhere. Its geography was ancient and violent, strikingly barren and brutally volcanic. Why visit Europa? It was alien enough here.

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History #

Lita is relatively isolated from the coasts by its dramatic mountain ranges and glacial terrain, and remained uninhabited until the establishment of the Vekllei Missile Programme in the mid-20th Century. Lita first served as a closed government town supporting the Vekllei Rocketry Corps (today the Rocket Navy of the Vekllei Commonwealth Armed Forces). Lita was occupied by the British military during occupation. Since independence, the town has opened and is served by multiple rail lines from the capital, including the Miyatvousi bullet train. The nearby town of Dismaisiyou remains restricted and is operated directly by the Cosmoburo.

Geography #

Lita’s flat, glacial basins make good launch sites for rockets. The borough is located in the Lava lava fields and glacial highlands, and its high elevation and spectacular mountain ranges make a dramatic backdrop for its regular rocket launches.

Towns #

  • Lita
  • Poroporo
  • Dismaisiyou

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