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The Borough of Eyri

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Overview #

This article is about a borough of Vekllei

The borough of Eyri is an administrative region on the far northwest coast of Vekllei, located in the Afouismeh Region north of Bakur and south of Basa. It is named after Eyri, an isolated coastal community employed mostly in controlled aquaculture by the Ocean Bureau. This quiet borough abounds with myth and legend related to its long seafaring history, emphasised only by the colossal wreck of the nearby icebreaking submarine Sea Serpent.

In Eyri, the bones of an ancient beast warp and groan in the sun, red skin glinting in the whitecap churn of the shallows, oxidising, broken, ripped open by the sea.

Killing a Sea Serpent

History #

Eyri was settled early in Vekllei’s history, as sagas describe several coastal settlements established across North Afouismeh around 1000BC, suggesting a founding date similar to its neighbouring boroughs. Eyri’s past is much more difficult to trace than its neighbours, however, as its cliffs have been significantly eroded and with them the earliest traces of settlement of the area. Like most towns of this period, Eyri relied heavily on fishing for food, and as existing fish stock was depleted near shore Eyri’s people had to venture further and further out into open water to fish. It is often suggested that Eyri is one of several northwestern coastal boroughs responsible for the extinction of the Grey-Fin Tuna in the 16th Century.

For its small population of some 45,000 people, it has produced a remarkable number of famous artists, including naval painter Olivia Semesns (1863-1912) and frontman for Ko Ko Sizi Danosson (2015-).

In the early 2020s, Eyri saw tremendous investment by the Ocean Bureau into aquaculture infrastructure along its coast. Some 20% of Vekllei’s Atlantic Salmon stock are raised here, which is remarkable considering Eyri makes up only 0.18% of Vekllei’s human population.

Geography #

Eyri is known best for its cliffs, which watch over fjords and beaches pummelled by enormous Atlantic swells and icebergs. Along the coast the roar of the ocean can always be heard. Eyri is also known, somewhat unfortunately, for its miserable rain and cold weather, as most of its towns are situated between the Osmo mountain ranges which funnel in cold arctic air.

Towns #

  • Eyri
  • Kis
  • Ice Town

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