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Vekllei Basic Laws

Part of the law series of articles

The Basic Laws of the Vekllei are a quasi-constitutional laws that inform in detail aspects of Vekllei government and state not provided in the Constitution. They are superior to other types of legislation in the country, and can only be overturned by a supermajority vote in the Senate, a majority referendum of the Commonwealth and approval of the Cabinet.

Law Purpose
Commonwealth of Oceans Describes structure and functions of Commonwealth government.
Assemblies of Oceans Describes the entitlements, structure and legislative powers of Constituent republics.
The Commons Describes and protects the moneyless market system of the domestic markets.
The State Economy Describes the financialised commons, and the role of the state in finance and industry.
Industry and Living Describes the role of bureaus in the Commonwealth Economy.
The Military Describes the role and laws applying to a unified Commonwealth military command.
The State Secretary Describes the structure and functions of the Commonwealth and Constituent governments.
Human Rights Enshrines rights and freedoms of Commonwealth citizens.
Land and Stewardship Enshrines property rights and opportunity of work for Commonwealth citizens.
Councils and Democracy Enshrines the right to municipal representation, democracy and labour organising.