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Bureau of Commonwealth Affairs

This bureau is part of the Ministry of Culture

The Commonwealth Affairs Office is a body of the Ministry of Culture responsible for the documentation of the general disposition, welfare, culture and demography of the people in Vekllei. This includes political attitudes towards the Commonwealth itself, as well as how decisions made by other Secretariats impact public opinion. It is also the body-advocate of the public of member states who are unable to appeal to their local government directly.

Religious Affairs Office #

The COLSEC Religious Affairs Office (COLSERE) is responsible for reporting religious trends across the Commonwealth, particularly as they intersect with religious infrastructure (places of worship and natural shrines) and organised religion. Its focus is mostly external, since the Upen’s animism in the Home Islands lacks conventional religious hierarchies. COLSERE also serves as an advisory body to COLSEC command and as reporting agency for discrimination and concerns of faith.

Veteran Affairs Office #

The COLSEC Veteran Affairs Office (COLVET) is responsible for organising healthcare, housing and support for all former members of the Commonwealth Armed Forces. It also serves as an advocacy body for veterans themselves, especially in arguing for material support from other departments within the government. COLVET is also responsible for formulating and advising policy on veteran affairs to Commonwealth and Interior Parliaments.

Civil Affairs Office #

The COLSEC Civil Affairs Office (COLSECA) is responsible for the health of the government of its member states and the maintenance of COLSEC guidelines on Floral Society. It serves as a political school for Floral politics and as the support mechanism for natural disasters, public unrest and other threats to the stability of its member states.

Cultural Heritage Affairs Office #

The COLSEC Cultural Heritage Affairs Office (COLSEHE)

Overseas Affairs Office #

The COLSEC Overseas Affairs Office (COLSESEA) coordinates the foreign offices of the Commonwealth, particularly for states that lack their own foreign affairs offices in Kalina and the West Antilles. It also serves as an advisory board for policy and trade with other countries, particularly as they interact with autonomous states.