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Bureau of Rail

This bureau is part of the Ministry of the Commons

The Bureau of Rail maintains and regulates the rail industry in Vekllei. Because of the ubiquity and importance of rail across Vekllei republics, it is among the largest of the transport bureaus.

In addition to rail planning, safety and regulation, the bureau also controls National Rail as an independent commission, for which it fulfils a general executive and advisory role.

Including VNR, the Bureau of Rail is consequently one of the largest rail transport organisations in the world, rivalling much larger countries with the density and ubiquity of Vekllei track. Almost every Vekllei republic maintains some kind of rail service, ranging from miniature trams and industrial sidings to bullet trains and maglevs.

Executive Council #

Departments #

  • General Council: Advisory board to the Ministry of the Commons.
  • Department of Infrastructure
    • Office of Track
    • Office of Signals and Telecommunications
    • Office of Automatic Service
  • Department of Traction & Rolling Stock
    • Office of Engineering
  • Department of Service & Operations
    • Office of Rail Heritage

Boards & Commissions #

  • National Rail: National rail company and service operator.
  • Passenger Amenities Committee: Advisory board for passenger comfort and satisfaction.