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Contributory Service in Vekllei

Part of the state series of articles

Consosva (a portmanteau of consivismiosn sovis, lit. “contributory service”) refers to a collection of laws that require adult citizens in Vekllei to be employed. The legal obligation is fairly straightforward and is easily avoided, and in practice acts as a form of moral pressure from the state.

Consosva is a legal obligation to register an occupation with your municipality, which forwards its ledger to the Vekllei government. This is to encourage productivity and discourage “social parasitism,” as a requirement to contribute to the wealth of society. Failure to do so is considered a crime and is usually penalised with community service.

Consosva has many recognised exemptions, including full-time study, participating in Compulsory Service, acting as the primary caregiver of children, and poor health.

Consosva applies to Vekllei citizens or permanent residents aged between 22 and 50.