The Vekllei Government is the supranational parliamentary government of the Vekllei Islands and the members, dependent states and territories of the Vekllei Commonwealth. It is distinct from the Palace of Vekllei, the monarch and sovereign of the Vekllei Commonwealth.
The Government of Vekllei

Overview #

߷ This article is about the Vekllei state
Vekllei is positioned uniquely between the anarchy and control. This article looks at its government, which facilitates and manages these competing instincts. As the representative of the Vekllei state, and the body of its human interests, the Vekllei Government is second only to the Sovereign in its authority over Vekllei society.

The Government of Vekllei refers to both the Administration of the Interior of the Vekllei Islands and the international governing body of the Vekllei Commonwealth. This article and its sub-articles serve as a handbook to all departments of the Vekllei Government, and will help clarify the structure and responsibilities of its subordinate ministries and secretariats. These centralised features guide the busy and anarchic Vekllei economies to produce a standard of living unlike anywhere else in the world, celebrating local, departmentalised and democratic government in the 21st Century.

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Structure #

What we know as the ‘Vekllei Government’ is portioned between several powerful state bodies, each representing the natural political concerns of the modern Vekllei state. These bodies are both autonomous and codependent, carving the sovereignty and authority of the state across several governing organs of varying size and scope. These are, in order of sovereignty:

  1. The Palace of the Vekllei Sovereign, the metaphysical manifestation of all Vekllei territory and its collective geographic, cultural and religious features. It represents the cumulative historical essence of the physical place of Vekllei, and bridges relationships between humans, nature and spirits. The Palace, as representative of the land itself, is the true sovereign of Vekllei and as such retains control over the armed forces of the Commonwealth.

  2. The Parliaments of the Vekllei Commonwealth including, in order of authority:

    • The Crown Parliament (also the Crown Sovereign, Parliament of Spirits and Administration of the Crown interchangeably), representing the rule of the Land Sovereign and its presence in the state.
    • The Commonwealth Parliament (also the Administration of the Commonwealth), responsible for the maintenance, development and security of the Vekllei Commonwealth, including its territories.
    • The Interior Parliaments (also the Administrations of the Interior interchangeably), responsible for the internal governance of the Vekllei member-states, primarily used in reference to the interior parliaments of the Vekllei Home Islands.

Under this arrangement, it is clear that the sovereignty of Vekllei and its Commonwealth members is somewhat obfuscated – the Crown, Commonwealth and Interior administrations all share overlapping de jure control over the affairs of Vekllei territories. In addition, the word ‘Vekllei,’ commonly used to refer to the Vekllei Home Islands, is also used interchangeably to describe states beyond its geography. For example, the ‘Vekllei Commonwealth’ in fact refers to membership in the Crown, of which Vekllei is an equal member but does not otherwise, in principle, control as a legal metropole. The Kalina Islands, Kala, Demon and other full members of the Commonwealth are equal autonomous members, but nonetheless inherit the Vekllei name.

In this state of affairs, Vekllei can refer to the powerful member-state in the North Atlantic, the Commonwealth it belongs to, or, indeed, the Crown Sovereign itself. Unfortunately for foreigners, its use is generally dependent on context.

Government of the Vekllei Commonwealth #

The Government of Vekllei is divided between three parliaments – the Interior Parliament, the Commonwealth Parliament and the Crown Parliament. Neither is particularly subordinate to the other, and they serve different purposes in the lives of Vekllei people.

In general, the Interior Parliament is responsible for the standard of living in the Vekllei Home Islands and dependent autonomous regions like Demon and the Aismious islands. The Commonwealth Parliament is responsible for all features of the transnational Commonwealth superstate, standardising governance and state services while advocating for ‘Floral Society’ under the Floral Constitution.

Together, these two parliaments make up the combined Government of Vekllei. It is made up of Ministries, Offices, Departments, Bureaus, Commissions, Directorates and Secretariats depending on the size, purpose and structure of the state body. This is the government that people living in the Vekllei Home Islands vote for, via the nonpartisan representatives system.

Parliament of the Interior #

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The Administration of the Interior of the Government of Vekllei (also known as the Interior Government or Interior Parliament) represents the human state of the Vekllei Home Islands, as well as its dependent possessions. It includes all 100 boroughs of the Home Islands and its peripheral island possessions. Independent Commonwealth member-states Demon and Aismious lack the population to govern themselves independently, and so are dependent on the Interior Government. Other members of the Commonwealth, including Kalina, Kala and Mira, have parliaments (also called Interior Administrations) similar to the Vekllei Administration of the Interior.

The Interior Government is made up of 10 ministries which retain total authority over the state in Vekllei.

Parliament of the Commonwealth #

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Although each member of the Atlantic Commonwealth is considered a full participant of equal importance, administration in practice occurs in the Vekllei Islands, its most populous and industrious member state. Many features of Floral Society are universal among Commonwealth members, and the Administration of the Commonwealth serves, maintains and standardises the values of Floral Society across the Atlantic.

Parliament of the Crown #

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The Commonwealth Administration of the Crown (also the Crown Sovereign and Parliament of Spirits interchangeably), not to be confused with the Palace of the Vekllei Sovereign, is the administration-level apparatus of the Commonwealth to coordinate policy with the Palace. Since the Commonwealth does not have direct authority over the features of the Sovereign, the Crown Parliament acts as its human representative in Vekllei government. Although it sits above the Commonwealth and Interior parliaments in sovereignty, its responsibilities are limited to constitutional matters and aspects of the Vekllei legal system.