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Overview #

The Island Commonwealth of Mira (also Madeira in Portuguese) is an island archipelago situated in the Atlantic, 520km west of Morocco.

Originally a Portuguese overseas territory, Mira became an independent member of the Council of Oceans in 2025 and united with Vekllei as a constituent in 2030. As such, its primary languages are Portuguese and English, and as of the mid-21st Century it has recently concluded federalisation.

flag of mira

History #

Mira was originally known as Madeira, and was uninhabited before settlement by the Portuguese in the 15th Century. For hundreds of years they were governed as part of the Portuguese empire, although over time Miranese culture evolved separately from mainland Portugal.

Portugal was defeated and annexed after it was invaded by neighbouring Iberia in 2014. Most of its colonial empire declared independence, and the former Portuguese Atlantic territories indicated some interest in joining the British-occupied Atlantic after they were embargoed by Iberia for sheltering remnants of the Estado Novo regime.

After Vekllei established the Council of Oceans in 2025, Madeira (now Mira) petitioned for membership. Shortly thereafter, it began federalisation and acceded to the Commonwealth in full in 2030, following the Azores.

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