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History of Vekllei

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Overview #

This is the history of the Vekllei Commonwealth

History #

Colonial Era #

Occupation #

4th Commonwealth #

Former British Territories #

The decolonisation of the British Empire occurred around ten years prior to the First Atomic War, which saw Vekllei defeated and occupied by the United Kingdom and United States between 1995 and 2017. Continued administration of the country as an overseas territory became untenable as high inflation and an overvalued pound sterling strained British interest in maintaining a military and administrative presence in the Atlantic. In 2008, the US reduced its military presence in Vekllei by half, and indicated the UK should meet its commitments to Vekllei by 2015. There was concern between the UK and the US that the Vekllei communist insurgency may be revived in independence, and that hasty decolonisation would assure a red bulwark between continents. In response, the Interim Government was established in 2015 to prepare a stable government for independence.

Vekllei regained independence in 2017, along with its expensive (and economically dependent) self-governing territories in Kala and Demon. These were followed by the Aismious islands in 2020. By the time of independence, most of the British Caribbean had decolonised, including former Vekllei colonial possessions in the West Antilles liberated by the British after the war.

Following the establishment of the 4th Commonwealth in 2017, the new republics of Angua, Antigua, Barbuda, Liamuiga, Martin, Montesur and Oualie were federated into the Antilles Commonwealth. Composed of former Vekllei and British colonial possessions, the Antilles Commonwealth joined the 4th Commonwealth as an associate state in 2019 and received full membership in 2021.

The UK further reduced its military and naval presence in the Atlantic in the 2020s. With the exception of the Falklands, most remaining small and uninhabited islands in British possession were purchased by Vekllei with funds from the US aid package in 2021, including the South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, St Helena, Ascension, and Tristan de Cunha. These were leased under a military agreement with the UK government, and British forces remained on the South Georgia and Sandwich Islands until 2046.

Former Portuguese Territories #

Former Spanish Territories #

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