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Interim Prosperity Government

Part of the history series of articles

The Interim Vekllei Government (also the Interim Parliament and Interim Prosperity Government) was a temporary puppet state of the United Kingdom, established in 2015 as a means to Vekllei independence after twenty years of British occupation in the country. It consisted of approved leaders in the arts and industry, who developed proposals for a new democratic Vekllei state.

Included was a majority female Council of Roses, many of whom were socialists opposed to communist unrest in British-occupied Vekllei and were seen as a strategic alternative to a hostile communist government upon British withdrawal. The council were responsible for draughting the Vekllei Constitution and establishing Interim Ministries in anticipation of independence.

After independence in 2017, the Vekllei Interim Government became the 4th Commonwealth of Vekllei.