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Council of Roses

Part of the history series of articles

The Council of Roses was the informal cabinet of the Interim Prosperity Government, formed in 2015 to the establish the shape of a future independent Vekllei Commonwealth. Made of up of so-called “loveable radicals,” the council was created by British administrators as a strategic concession to rising communist activity in Vekllei. For this reason, the Council was majority-women, since they were poorly represented among communist leadership, and consisted mostly of leaders in arts, science and industry.

The Council of Roses drafted the Vekllei Constitution, which would become the foundational legal text of the independent 4th Vekllei Commonwealth. It was approved with minor alterations by Westminster on May 6th 2015, and was ratified in August that year. The Council of Roses was dissolved in 2017, and replaced by the first Cabinet of the independent Vekllei Parliament.