Boroughs of Vekllei

ί· This page lists completed articles on Vekllei’s boroughs
Over the next year I’ll be completing this list of Vekllei’s 100 boroughs, and linking them to images and posts produced in the project. Vekllei’s five Crown Boroughs (once included) will be highlighted in bold.

A Vekllei borough is an unusual administrative designation, portioned originally by a set of vague criteria that includes size, history, its unique geography, culture, and its spiritual value. Population was evidently not a concern, and boroughs have great disparity in human settlement. Each borough takes the name of its largest city. You can see a partial list of them, arranged by region and alphabetically, below.

Afouismeh Region

🌊 Eyri

The borough of Eyri is dominated by fjords, sharp cliffs and a dramatic evolving seascape. Much of Vekllei’s Atlantic salmon comes from its offshore salmon farms.

πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ Mirah

The borough of Mirah is a peaceful seaside borough known for its recreation and beautiful beaches. Tzipora and Cobian visit regularly in high school in the midst of their ‘gymnastics phase’.

Capital Region

πŸͺ· Lola

The borough of Lola is Vekllei’s historic capital and among its oldest settlements. As the seat of power for regimes past, it showcases its incredible history in a 21st-century demonstration of multiculturalism and democracy.

πŸ– Mumen

The borough of Mumen is a seaside playground home to vibrant immigrant fusion cultures. It has some of the best food in Vekllei, and its beaches bring visitors from all over the island.

✈️ Pharos

The borough of Pharos is Vekllei’s ‘aviation borough,’ renowned for its highly-regarded aerospace manufacturing, being the home of Vekllei’s flag-carrying airline, and the site of the Vekllei World Jetport.

πŸ’§ Voya Voya

The borough of Voya Voya is a garden district of water and light. It is well-known for the density and quality of its parkland and natural reserves.

Ro Region

βš“οΈ Bakur

The borough of Bakur is a place of science and the sea. Bakur is the home port of Vekllei oceanography and marine science, and is home to more scientists than fishermen these days.

πŸ›Ά Ou

The borough of Ou is a hydro town, characterised by stunning dammed lakes and the steep volcanic geography of Vekllei’s highland interior.

Lava Region

πŸš€ Lita

The borough of Lita is the home of rocketry in Vekllei. It is the site of the historic Lita Cosmodrome, and its people help built the rockets that send Vekllei to space.

πŸŒ‹ Miyatvousi

The borough of Miyatvousi is a slice of Vekllei’s renowned volcanism. Dominated by gorgeous lava-flows and vaporous steam pools, the land of Miyatvousi is alive with fire.

🌿 Santes

The borough of Santes is an isolated place of old magic and exquisite coastal scenery. Its charm is informed by its deep connection to the spirits and a history of religious mysticism.

πŸ‰ Troll

The borough of Troll is a great place to reconnect with the earth through its large national park and preserved lava fields. The sagas tell that the borough was the site of a troll city.

⛡️ Yana

The borough of Yana is a peaceful agricultural borough famous for its fresh produce. Its famous ‘Devil’s Geysers’ are a must-see.

Lumiousniya Region

πŸ—Ό Krafla

The borough of Krafla is nestled on the Joskuslsa river, and keeps out of the way of its neighbours. The ruins of its old town, washed away in a flood a century ago, dominate the city centre.

Vika Region

πŸ«‘ Holsyim

The borough of Holsyim is known for its mosses. It’s easy to lose yourself in its rain-forested crown land, which makes up most of the borough.