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Fashion in the Year 2063

Tuesday, Sep 19, 2017
⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

Vekllei kids look to America as a bastion of good taste; a country of fast cars and diners and sock-hops and high-school romance. Like the Koreans look to Japanese taste, and the British look to the stuff coming out of design houses in France, Vekllei is infatuated with how Americans dress in the year 2063. Like most imported culture in Vekllei, the American teen-age style is misunderstood, butchered, and then transformed into something entirely different as production lines crank out plaid skirts, two-tone shoes and baseball jerseys for Vekllei kids.

Tzipora doesn’t buy into much of that stuff. She doesn’t have any friends to show off to, but boy, if she did, they’d all be jealous of her. While living in Cherry, Nevada, Tzipora experienced American life first-hand. She bought her clothes in American department stores and ate in American diners. Her nose was pulped by American fists after she stayed silent in the American national anthem. Tzipora doesn’t get on with American kids much — she doesn’t get along with a lot of things, it seems. But gee, what would the kids at her old school in Vekllei say when she turned up in jerseys and trousers? Wouldn’t that just be something? They’d regret making fun of her then.

Left to right:

  • Trying on an all-wool sack-type dress for the first time. It’d be pretty if she didn’t live in a desert.

  • A Vekllei jersey patterned with blossoms, a popular motif. To the American kids, abstract prints on American-style clothes mark her out as a foreigner.

  • Three-quarter-length trousers with white penny loafers. Her T-shirt bears the Vekllei emblem for the moon, but to non-Vekllei it looks Japanese.

  • Pulling her shoes back on after she was dragged around the back of the school and roughed up for ignoring the national anthem. She didn’t know the words. She knows how to get blood out of a shirt, so it’s no biggie. Besides, she got a couple good hits in. If there wasn’t five of them, she reckoned she could have fought off Yankee kids.

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