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Tzipora Makes Friends with a Desert Spirit

Thursday, Sep 21, 2017
⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

Every natural place has a spirit that minds it. Tzipora had never met a desert spirit before, and she went looking for one in Cherry, Nevada. With air force jets glinting in the sky overhead, and the temperature scorching the mesas that surround the military town, she found one inside a burrow. In an instant, it had transformed into a rattlesnake and tried to scare her, but she dropped to her knees and begged it to forgive her for waking it. She offered it a gumdrop and it returned to its natural, translucent form.

Spirits are placed on earth by whatever God watches over the Earth. Tzipora dislikes the God of the world, but she respects the spirits, and as a child she can see them in their natural state. In Vekllei and Scandinavia, they are called Faeries. In Japan, they are spirits. In the United States, there is no word for them, because they are considered to not exist.

Tzipora asked the spirit to watch over her and her father when they are in the desert. From that day on, she left an offering outside in a makeshift shrine in the backyard of their detached midcentury home.

Tzipora has no time for God; she is a zealous humanist at her core. The spirits are fair and good. Because of them, Vekllei is environmentally conscious in a way few other great powers are in 2063.

The written characters are Vekllei, and make a poem;

Tzipora is looking for all good things in the world

The spirits are the mothers and daughters of all good things in the world

What a beautiful place, crafted in the love between the Earth and children

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