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Girl’s Life Saved by Veteran Hero in Day of Terror

Sunday, Sep 10, 2017
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⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

Louenne Dehmones enlisted for two years but stayed for ten. He served abroad in the war department, where he performed admirably but never rose above the rank of Junior Sergeant because of a good-natured appetite for mischief. He transferred to the military police to be close to his wife and infant daughter.

It was his daughter that he thought of as he powdered the wounds of the girl at the airport with instaskin, and it was of his daughter that he thought as he picked up the girl’s body, smoke still pouring from the cavity in her chest, and carried her to the ambulances that were wailing all over the airport. A bomb of white phosphorous had exploded in the ouisha park outside the terminal. Without his gas mask or gloves, he picked raw phosphorous out of the girl’s chest with his fingers and cauterised her wounds, saving her life.

The girl’s name was Lola Talounes, and she was one of six wounded in the blast who survived the attack, almost entirely because of the actions of Louenne. The attack at the airport preceded two more terrorist attacks on Vekllei soil, before the collapse of the United Nations Security Council and the subsequent thermonuclear war. In the aftermath of it all, in which Louenne went on to save many more lives as a civil defense authority in his apartment block, he was finally promoted to Sergeant. Lola still writes him, and wants to be an cosmonaut.

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