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The Borough of Holsyim

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Overview #

This article is about a borough of Vekllei

The borough of Holsyim is an administrative region in the east of Vekllei, located north-east of Seisyo and south-west of Fyell. It is named after Holsyim, its largest population centre. The town of Holsyim borders the Holsyim lo Kronaismioudelfia (Holsyim Crown Land), an isolated natural and spiritual preserve home to some of Vekllei’s oldest temperate rainforests. It is also a popular resort town, and receives many domestic tourists each year.

These are not particularly adventurous expeditions β€” most of her work is performed along old trails and paths, but Bea finds the sublime amidst the mundane and has contributed enormously to the ecological understanding of local flora in the borough of Holsyim, where she was born.

Bea and the Mosses

History #

Holsyim was founded as a fishing village in the late 19th century, but it’s likely that it was inhabited for many hundreds of years before that in smaller, undocumented settlements. The emergence of a new volcanic islet in 1942 was first reported by residents of the nearby village of Spisek, now known as Little Island. The town of Holsyim is home to an annual nude swim each winter.

Geography #

Holsyim is well known for its adjacency to the Holsyim Crown Land, a preserved area of temperate rainforest that hosts thousands of different species of plants, animals and mosses. As Crown Land, it remains undeveloped and officially unrecognised by the Vekllei government, but nonetheless is documented extensively by local ecologists. The town of Holsyim sits on Vekllei’s Southern Coast, and has some of the largest beaches in the Vika Region.

Towns #

  • Holsyim
  • Spisek
  • Seismiyou

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