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The Borough of Bakur

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Overview #

This article is about a borough of Vekllei

The borough of Bakur is an administrative region on the far northwest coast of Vekllei, located in the Afouismeh Region north of Tanger and south of Eyri. It is named after Bakur, an ancient fishing town with history that predates unified settlement in Vekllei. It has the smallest population of any borough in Vekllei, at only 7,500 permanent residents, which fluctuates seasonally. It is most famous for being home to the site of Vekllei’s Deep-Sea Cartography Mission, an initiative of the Ocean Office of the Vekllei Government. This also means Bakur has the highest population of scientific personnel per capita of any borough in Vekllei.

By the sea, sea, sea, you’ll find a boy, boy, boy, and his heart, heart, heart, lies with his boat, boat, boat.

Memories of the Sea, Tohs Viskaismesn, 1952

History #

Artefacts recovered from north of the town of Aya in Bakur date to nearly 1000BC, approaching earliest estimates of known settlement in the Vekllei Home Islands. Bakur’s first residents were likely nomadic arctic peoples immigrating from nearby Kala (Greenland) looking for hunting grounds in winter. Sagas confirm the town of Bakur was established in the 14th Century AD to support the creation of an arctic naval fort, but the fort was abandoned less than a hundred years later and few residents remained, leaving Bakur mostly abandoned until the early 19th Century, when it was reestablished as a base of operations for Vekllei’s colonial whaling fleet. Today it remains a shrinking fishing town, bolstered only by seasonal workers imported by the Ocean Office.

The town is the birthplace of celebrated Vekllei folk songwriter Tohs Viskaismesn (1847-1912).

Geography #

The Bakur borough is home to some of Vekllei’s most spectacular subarctic scenery, dominated lava slopes, ice fields, and fjords. Its position among the Westernmost boroughs in Vekllei makes it a great staging town for Vekllei’s expansive fishing fleet, including line and trawling vessels.

Towns #

  • Bakur
  • Little Fesmiosn
  • Aya

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