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… where did I leave all the uploads?

Wednesday, Oct 23, 2019

Hello everyone,

Thanks again for subscribing to this subreddit. I’m playing a game of chicken right now pitting my little Vekllei projects against my university work.

Vekllei boys uniforms (and school architecture) is coming later this week, turning Study Week into a Study Month!

Starting from next week, several exciting projects are getting kicked into gear. One is the graphic novel. There’s also the Vekllei wiki, which is under construction. There will be a lot more art. And a secret, special project that’s gonna be really exciting. I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I have a Patreon now β€” not that you need to donate! It’s like a priority inbox. If you want me to print out illustrations and send them to you, see drafts of upcoming projects (like the graphic novel script and preview the special secret), or you want a little drawing of your own, sending me a dollar is a good way get my attention. It just goes towards server costs and keeping me from malnutrition, nothing exciting.

So there’s a lot on the way. I know most shouldn’t care, but I get nervous if I’m not here every other day or so. And lurkers, just so you know β€” Tzipora and I appreciate you.

On with Study Month.