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Boyhood Fashion in Vekllei's School Halls

Thursday, Oct 24, 2019
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This is a follow-up to this post, as part of Vekllei’s β€œStudy Week,” where we’re touring education and youth in the utopia of Vekllei.

Compared to their girls, who are adorned with many layers of clothing and dazzling patterns, the schoolboys of Vekllei are unadorned. Lace and quarter-pleats give way to bolder forms and masculine colours.

As much of Vekllei’s uniform ideology straddles complex (and often precipitous) schisms of modern and traditional clothing items, boys have received considerably more progressive attention than their sisters. They sport jackets of synthetic materials where girls favour wool and cotton, but do not enjoy the same modularity or flexibility in style.

Visible here are the standard armbands universal to Vekllei life, a male tie (although only male in an education context, and is often appropriated by rebellious young women), and a captain’s plate to distinguish certain older students as club leaders, which are integral parts of the Vekllei schooling experience. Clubs operate independently of the school and often assist students in honing their expertise for higher education.

Peter, shown here on the right, had a game for a while where he’d surreptitiously point at his crotch, and when you looked he’d scold you for looking at his dick.

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