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Sneak Sneak

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2019

He kept bad hours. Sometimes he worked so hard he came home in the early morning and fell asleep to the television with the subtitles on. Like a guerrilla sighting a commanding officer, she would approach discreetly, wearing her blanket like a cape and bouncing on her toes. With a gentle movement she’d drape it over him and listen for a break in his snoring. If he didn’t stir, she’d find a nook in his shoulder and would stay there till the sunrays woke him in the morning. Those were her favourite nights.

Hello everyone. Hobart here. We hit 1,000 subscribers only a month ago, and it gets a bit tedious to carry on thanking everyone, so I won’t. I’m not thanking the commenters who say nice things, and I’m definitely not thanking the lurkers who continue to validate my self-worth through subreddit metrics. It would be tiresome to mention that it really means a lot and I’m thankful, so I won’t.

I’ve got a few updates to share.

  1. The new website looks really good. This doesn’t really affect anything on the subreddit aside from the fact it’s crippled my output this last week or two. It’s only in alpha, if anything, but once it’s polished it’ll be mesmerising. I really mean it. It’s so fun to play with already. It’s not like other project sites.
  2. SkyMonth will wrap up this December. It’s taken longer than planned, but so what? There’s lots of planes to come.
  3. I’d like to thank the handful of kind people who donate to my Patreon. I’m not much of a drinker, but I like a drop of Irish cream with my tea and coffee, and I’d have to choose between it and food if it weren’t for these nice people. I’m “between jobs,” so it really does make a difference. Thank you kindly.
  4. I reckon January will be a free-for-all in terms of posts. I might even pull back and do a really nice, time-intensive painting like I used to. Then we’ll go in for a deep-dive themed month (to be revealed).
  5. Comic is being written.

I’ve gotten really nice feedback on a few of the character posts. Sorry if I didn’t reply — they were all written between 3-4am to get them over and done with, and I promptly disowned them when I woke up in the morning (might happen with this post too — it’s 3:26am on my clock). It’s easy to forget most of you don’t know the characters of this world.

So let me know. What kind of posts are your favourite? What’s working and what’s not working? Or you could just say a nice thing about me or my art, those do me just fine as well.

I won’t conclude by thanking you for sticking with Vekllei.

Sleep tight, and see you in the morning,

(something about bed bugs biting)