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Friday, Sep 1, 2023
Going out for drinks after work.

This character belongs to a Japanese artist and train enthusiast I follow on Twitter. Something about her appearance and oversized glasses were really funny to me, so I decided to draw her. This must have been out of left field for him, since I’d never interacted with him before, but he really liked it!

Her name is Sabae-chan, and was created by @unagiPost. “Sabae” is a city in Japan famous for manufacturing, well, glasses.

@unagiPost liked my drawing:

image of Sabae-chan and Cobian
image of Sabae-chan and Cobian

So I said she was planning to go on vacation:

image of Sabae-chan and Cobian

His followers reacted with amusement that someone from Australia was drawing his characters:

“Now you’re an international cultured person!”

“This character is more popular with overseas followers than in Japan, so I would like to consider adding English without joking.”

“I have to study English! ‘Lady Sabae.’”

image of Sabae-chan and Cobian

It’s funny how the internet connects train enthusiasts.