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Mira Uniform Showcase

Saturday, Sep 2, 2023
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From left: Catia, Isuri.

This drawing depicts girls wearing school uniforms on the Vekllei republic of Mira (real-life Madeira), a former Portuguese territory that now has a large population of immigrants from Ceylon.

Isuri (right) was born on Mira to Sinhalese parents and Catia (left) is also Miranese. Catia is part of a community of Portuguese muslims who originally settled on the island in the 1960s after persecution in Lisbon. Since 2030, all Miranese people are now citizens of the united island republics called Vekllei.

The uniform is in the Commonwealth tradition, consisting of simple universal elements accentuated by cultural accessories. In this case, features of Miranese traditional dress like red striped wool skirts and throws or capes are included. A hat is also part of uniform, called the Miranese Carapuça.