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One Long Moment

Thursday, Feb 21, 2019
⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

The whole world gives way to a moment of silence. The other seasons are filled with noise and marrow, jerking and twisting with the pace of the clock. But a moment lasts forever β€” and wintertime is one long moment.

Although the uniforms got heavier and the commutes longer, Zelda would always like the wintertime. Even in the writhing digits of the city β€” the subways, the streetcars, the dockyards β€” snowbanks took the noise. There’s no hurry that time of year. Your feet are wet and your ears hurt, but that’s the price of liberation β€” to have normal productivity disrupted, usual play moved away. For one long moment β€” that’s winter β€” you can spent a while outdoors alone in the city.