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Air Raid

Monday, Feb 25, 2019
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⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

She loved helping out. It was important to her, as an ageless girl of ultimately transient relationships, to be able to establish for herself a family wherever she lived. So within a few years of her arrival in Vekllei, she put time in as a warden for her apartment block and undertook the medical training that went with it.

She carried debts of blood because of how she sold out her friends some years before. She was very conscious of the fact that she was living as a traitor to her old friends. If she was going to die in a nuclear blast β€” so be it. It would finally be repaid. She had lived a wonderful life these last couple years and had made good use of her borrowed time.

When the war did come, as she always had suspected it would, she was prepared to die in it. She was caught outside when the bomb hit Montre, and when it failed to kill her, she spent three days searching tirelessly for wounded with the rest of the Civil Defense corps. It was only when her legs gave out that she made the long journey back to her father in the capital, to reassure him that she was in fact still alive.

She was awarded for her efforts, along with two others from Montre-Lola. It cemented her place as grandmother of the small agricultural village; the quite librarian from the city who had only the village’s interests at heart.