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The Great Ro Highlands

Wednesday, Mar 11, 2020

As I pick up some larger projects, my posts here will slow down a little bit. That’s okay – I’m still easy to track down and get in touch with, and you guys will still see the best stuff.

I post a lot of sketches to the Vekllei Discord, which is something between a fan club and a social club for the project. Check the #utopia channel for little artworks like this one.

If you’re paying me money to make posts, that’s where you want to be.

I’ve got a few projects on the go at the moment:

  1. The website is still be developed, complete with a comprehensive wiki of all the latest canon. I stopped working on it for a while as I approached the limits of my HTML ability, but I’ve enlisted someone smarter to help me.
  2. The comic is making tentative progress but I hope to release some pages here eventually. It’s a long-term project that needs to be started right – in the meantime, I can prepare as well as I can for it.
  3. A Vekllei card game is well under way. 150/180 cards are sorted, and then it’s all a matter of doing the art for them. It’s going to be pretty great!

A couple other things, like animation experiments, storyboards for a trailer, and so on are also burning in the background. I just hate to see so much time go between posts on this place :)

Otherwise, feel free to hang out here and keep on keeping on. I’m on the upward trend out of a serious creative slump that’s lasted the last three months, and it feels good to be working again. Let me know if you’ve got any questions about… anything, or this picture specifically!

Kind regards,