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Meet Cobian, a concept panel for a Vekllei comic

Sunday, Mar 1, 2020
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If you go back through my posts here, you’ll notice Tzipora is basically a cartoon whose only consistent characteristic is her iconography – her hair fountain, bangs, round head and big smile. This isn’t really intentional. I’m just an amateur artist who is still learning to draw.

That doesn’t work so well in a comic with sequential panels, so I’ve been working on standardising my characters. This is a concept panel for Cobian, Tzipora’s longtime friend (and occasional girlfriend). She’s an awkward, sympathetic sort of person, and often left out in my posts. She certainly doesn’t deserve such treatment – she’s one of the most interesting, complex people in the Vekllei cast and I hope to treat her with respect in future.

This panel is the first step.

I’m working on pages for the comic, but it’s slow going. I post pages as they come to my patrons (more or less!) but it’ll be a while before any chapters come together. That’s okay. I work better that way.