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Health Vekllei

Saturday, Mar 11, 2023
Nurse of the Commonwealth Health Service.

Healthcare in Vekllei is universal, and run as a government service for the wellbeing of the public. The system is financed and governed by the Commonwealth Health Secretariat, and is provided regionally by national health authorities.

There is no cost to any treatment in the Vekllei healthcare system, and it covers all kinds of care necessary for a comfortable and dignified life. Healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, are highly regarded in the Commonwealth and enjoy considerable benefits provided by their health authority. All Vekllei households have an elected doctor, called a General Practitioner, who is their first point of contact with the health system.

Elective cosmetic surgery is uncommon in Vekllei and hard to receive, so medical tourism is a popular way to receive cosmetic dental treatment and other elective procedures, which occur most commonly in the US or Europe.