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Dec. Update for Patrons



✿ This letter was sent out to Patrons in December 2020

Hello beloved patrons,

This is your monthly update for the Petticoat Project.

There’s a new post up on the subreddit and a new article up on the website β€” a big one, about Vekllei, although it’s missing a history and culture section. Those are coming soon.

I won’t be mucking around on the website forever β€” trust me, I have no intention of abandoning my traditional post format for dry wiki articles β€” but it makes good infrastructure, and good infrastructure allows for growth and it also helps support new projects, like the comic. The website and its articles will launch over the New Year.

Guess what else is launching over the new year? The comic. You’ll see it before that, of course, as I’m sketching the remaining pages now. But I hope to have it ready and inked by early January. Does it keep getting delayed? Yes. But that’s the unglamorous thing about infrastructure β€” it’s just work, and it’s not that visible. Hopefully regular posts fill the ache in the meantime.

You can see a page I’ve inked here! This was a sort of test of style, and needs a bit of tweaking. Overall, I’ve ascertained that I like screen tones.

I am very excited for Patreon milestone merch (in the form of beautiful little enamel pins), and will release a poll concerning designs in the coming days. I’ll also have a price-point β€” like last time, your lifetime pledge is deducted from the cost + shipping, and any difference can be made up easily. So no one will miss out who doesn’t want to.

Last of which, I’d like to wish the observers among us a very Merry Christmas and to everyone else a Happy New Year. Stay tuned for a special issue of The Atlantic Bulletin to celebrate 2021.

Your support is very important to me and is always deeply humbling.

Man, I can’t wait for this comic.