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The Borough of Miyatvousi

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Overview #

This article is about a borough of Vekllei

The borough of Miyatvousi is an administrative region in northern Vekllei, located in the Lava Region north of Groisniyah and southwest of Lita. Its area is highly volcanic and is home to several natural features, including the Gismavik Dome and the Miyatsimi Geyser Fields. The area outside of the city of Miyatvousi is sparsely populated and mostly claimed by flower-tundras and Crown Land.

There is a so-called β€œflash plant” in Miyatvousi, in the Lava region of Vekllei […] the earth here is alive; in the cold, the ponds begin to steam.

Gone Hollywood

Etymology #

Miyatvousi is an Old Vekllei combination of the words for “mineral” and “vision,” which in this case refer to indigenous mythos around still, mirror-like pools common to flower tundras in the area. Its name implies a connection between the physical landscape of the Miyatvousi area and the spirit world.

History #

All pools, under the dormant skin of the Earth, lead to other realms.

– Verse 112, God Saga, 11th Century

Although Miyatvousi has been recognised as a significant cultural site in Upen, the borough housed no major settlements until the formal incorporation of the town of Miyatvousi into the eastern dominion of the Atlantic Junta in the 17th Century. Previously, the land was inhabited by minor agricultural communities, most tending to livestock. Cultural artefacts found in the borough suggest human settlement may date back to the 10th Century, but by the end of Vekllei’s Middle Period the borough was regarded as an empty Spirit Land.

In Vekllei’s Late Period, the town of Miyatvousi remained small and agricultural, and was considered an insignificant settlement.

Postwar Development #

Shortly after independence in the postwar period, Miyatvousi was surveyed by the Electric Company of Vekllei (now Magma-Electric Commission of Vekllei/Thunderburo) for its proximity to exploitable geothermal sites. In 2025, construction began on what is now the sprawling Miyatvousi Magma-Electric Power & Flash Plant, which began operation in 2029 and was expanded with several satellite wells and turbine plants in the the subsequent decades.

The city of Miyatvousi has since become a major so-called “Magma Town” with a growing population employed directly by the M.E.C.

The town of Poka, in the south of the borough, was the setting of the popular Six Rings film franchise, and is a minor domestic tourist attraction.

The borough is now a major contributor of lamb towards Vekllei’s food pool, and is home to several agricultural shows throughout its villages and townships each year.

Geography #

Miyatvousi is sparsely populated and highly volcanic, and the majority of its land-area is characterised by flower-tundras, geysers, steam pools and other geological phenomena. Its largest settlements are in the east of the borough, with its west dominated by the Miyatvouosi-Lavavik Crown Lands.

Miyatvousi’s Gismavik Dome is one of the largest dormant volcanoes in Vekllei, and is constantly monitored by the Volcanoes Bureau and Geological Survey for shifts in volcanic activity. The size of its magma pool is of serious concern, since an eruption would be catastrophic to the greater Miyatvousi/Groisniyah area.

Miyatvousi Mirror-Pools #

Large coloured mineral pools are common to the flower-tundras, produced either by underground superheated springs or from runoff from geothermal power activity. The largest of these are popular local attractions, and are traditionally bathed in by locals for health or religious reasons.

Infrastructure #

Miyatvousi is linked to the coast via the Vekllei Central Highland Bullet Train, which has contributed to its postwar presence as an arterial link to Vekllei’s North Coast. The borough is best known for its production of geothermal power and support facilities which contribute a majority amount of electricity to Vekllei’s East Coast Supply.

Miyatvousi Magma-Electric Power & Flash Plant #

The Miyatvousi Magma-Electric Power Plant (M.E.C.A.) is a sprawling complex of geothermal power facilities located west of the city of Miyatvousi. Expanded several times over its five-decades-long life, the facility now includes several distinct power plants, numbered 1 through 4. M.E.C.A. is a supercritical geothermal plant, and was the first of its kind in Vekllei.

Miyatvousi Farm Co-operative S.P. #

Miyatvousi remains heavily agricultural, and most of the borough’s food export is monopolised through the Miyatvousi Farm Co-operative S.P. The organisation, designed as a village agricultural co-op, consolidates food products for larger food manufacturers along the coasts.

Towns #

  • Miyatvousi
  • Miyatvousi-Vizcette
  • Poka
  • Gismavikette

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