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Work Action Groups

This article is about Vekllei society.

Work Action Groups are temporary volunteer organisations formed (or raised) for specific objectives. Although they are often raised and equipped by the Ministry of Labour, they are strictly participatory and organised locally.

The groups, known as WAGs, are formed by a general call for volunteers in municipal newspapers and government gazettes. They may also be announced in workplaces and schools, depending on the task. They are an expression of Vekllei volunteerism and solidarity, and participation can be competitive. Once established, participants are relieved of duties for work, school and compulsory service for up to three months, which may be extended with permission of the labour ministry.

WAGs are most often assembled in response to, rather than anticipation of, an event or crisis. Common examples include:

  • Emergency municipal repairs (e.g. to repair a school roof)
  • Charity and relief for communities under hardship
  • A natural disaster in Vekllei or overseas
  • An emerging health crisis
  • Assistance for essential tasks (e.g. relieving construction or emergency crews)

WAGs are commonplace in Vekllei society and one of the purer expressions of the culture of mutual obligation in their communities. Volunteers are highly respected, and participation (known as being “on the WAG”) can benefit social standing and opportunities for employment. Any Vekllei person can petition the creation of a Work Action Group by submitting a notice to the Ministry of Labour, or their municipality.