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Century Society Laws

Part of the law series of articles

The “Century Society” Laws were a collection of laws designed to foster educated immigration in postwar Vekllei. In total, they promised citizenship to any person with a tertiary qualification fleeing a persecuting regime, or citizenship to any person with valuable expertise to contribute1 towards the country. Provided the immigrant could “build their own home,”2 they would be incentivised with permanent citizenship for their immediate family and opportunities to participate in the postwar government.

Many “Century Citizens,” as immigrants under this law became known, were politically motivated to participate in the anarchist aspects of Vekllei society or otherwise seeking a better life in an emerging country. Consequently, the Century Society programme has also been called the “Aliyah for anarchists.”3

The Century Society Laws were made more restrictive in 2038, and then again in 2045. They are still part of Vekllei legislation today, but are much more closely controlled to ease migrant pressures on dense Commonwealth cities.

  1. The desirable skills included experience in construction, medicine, trade or clerical work. ↩︎

  2. “Build your own home” was a shorthand for contributing to the war-ravaged and emerging Vekllei Commonwealth. In some cases, it meant joining a Municipal Action Group and literally assisting construction of your own neighbourhood with the help of your neighbours. ↩︎

  3. This phrase is a reference to the Jewish Aliyah to Israel in the 20th Century after the conclusion of the Second World War. ↩︎