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CafΓ© Diplomacy

Tuesday, Jul 12, 2022

Instafilm #445. Marked “2064”. Month of the Mosses. You remembered that because it was about the same time war broke out in the Congo again. Everyone at the table had opinions about that war, but not much to do with it. Everyone asked Coretti what she thought about the war. She hated that, she hated being singled out for it. Coretti had been two years old when she left the Congo. But Vekllei people are far away from the world and curious and so they asked stupid questions sometimes.

Tzipora didn’t like the news so she stopped reading it. Sometimes she got people asking her about America – what do you think about what they say’s going on in Dallas? Is it real or is some of it made up to sell papers? Here’s an idea – how about you shut your mouth and stop asking me so many fucking questions.

Left to right: Moise, Coretti, Lin Zhi, Cobian, Tzipora. 2064.