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Fruit Tingles

Saturday, Nov 27, 2021
✿ This image is a website-exclusive sketch produced as a masthead for the November Patreon update. The typeface in this image is a preview version “Nay Aug” by Alex Tomlinson, who you can follow here.

Fruit Tingles (Fodsa Spas) are a chalky sweet popular in Vekllei. They fizz in your mouth and come in several flavours. They’re as popular today as they were a hundred and fifty years ago when they were first produced by Montre Confectionary in 1936.

They’re exported and enjoyed all over the commonwealth, from Kala to Kalina.

Clockwise: Hen, from Kus (Kala), Bez, from Demon, Tzipora, from Seispri (Vekllei) and Sydney, from Montesur (Kalina).