NEW πŸ“—Story: High & Low (IQ) Fashion ❌


Wednesday, Nov 9, 2022
From left: Ms NinčiΔ‡, Tzipora, Mr Kowalczyk.

On the left is Ms Zora NinčiΔ‡, and on the right Mr Kowalczyk. Students joke that they must be brother and sister because they look similar, but they’re unrelated. Ms NinčiΔ‡ teaches social sciences, and Mr Kowalczyk teaches chemistry.

Tzipora is a somewhat poor student, but she is well-loved by these teachers, and they go above and beyond in helping Tzipora muster the grades she’ll need to go on to university. She is very grateful to them.

There are rumours Mr Kowalczyk has a crush on Ms NinčiΔ‡.

I based Kowalczyk off Steve Gadd, my favourite session drummer of all time, and NinčiΔ‡ off a woman who sold me a bus ticket in croatia, who had this wild curly hair afro but looked Slavic. It’s also an example of teachers wearing similar uniforms (in their case, more of a dress code) to students.