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Summer House in the Azores

Tuesday, Jul 28, 2020
✿ This article was featured in Issue #3 of the Atlantic Bulletin

The Azores had been a possession of Vekllei since 2002, when they were leased from Portugal indefinitely. The lease was defunct by the time of Vekllei’s independence from U.K. occupation in 2015, and the new state took formal ownership over the small Atlantic islands.

The Azores was Vekllei’s resort region, often called simply the β€œholiday isles”. Brief reprieves from the North Atlantic cold were granted to hundreds of thousands domestic tourists each year in resorts and holiday rentals alike. Tzipora spent the summer of 2079 there. Good memories were made in that summer. She did not much like the beach but she liked the ocean. If she could retire, it would be in the Azores.