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Strategic Security Service

Friday, Jan 12, 2024
Their No. 5 Armoured Car has “Navy” written on it, but don’t be confused: the Navy is a Vekllei shorthand for all military service.

The Strategic Security Service is the Vekllei equivalent of Military Police. They are the primary peacekeeping, policing and base security force of the territorial service.

The servicewoman on the left wears summer dress kit, and the gentlemen on the right is in day fatigues. They are recognisable for their white turtlenecks, unique among the other gendarmerie and military services.

Oh, and the servicewoman is carrying a sabre! This isn’t just ceremonial; Vekllei police use blunt sabres as a defensive and crowd control weapon. They are very rarely used to inflict pain, but are a powerful deterrent and she is trained in its use.