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100 Days of Vekllei

Monday, Jan 3, 2022

Hello everyone,

This is 2022, Year of Vekllei.

For the next 100 days I’m going to do something for Vekllei every day. These ‘somethings’ could be

  • Posts you see, exploring Vekllei
  • Articles on the website, including upcoming pages on Government and new character pages.
  • Inking of comic pages – leading up to a release soon. It’s been a long time coming but it’ll be worth it.
  • New illustrations for use in merchandise(!)
  • Working on new website features or the upcoming MillMint shop

2021 was a pretty bad year. I won’t go on about it much because it’s not very interesting and it’s not the point of my writing this. Let’s only hope suffering makes good art!

This last year, I haven’t finished what I’ve wanted to finish, and it’s caused some anxiety for me for months now. This is my New Year’s resolution to you all, including my beloved patrons, who I thank sincerely for sticking with me through a really inconsistent creative period.

New Year’s resolutions are kind of corny, and they don’t work out for everyone. So don’t think of this as a resolution as such – 2022 is a nice even number, and it’s a good time, arbitrary as any other, for a change in the winds.

My goal is to have something to show every other day or so. I’ve got a long list of ideas I’m going to work through. Hopefully this will provoke a change in behaviour from me.

Why not join me? Pick up a pencil and I’ll draw with you. You can come say hi at the Vekllei Discord server and catch me drawing sometime.

Thanks again. I’m only at the start of the journey here. But this community is where it begins.

Warm regards,