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Streets of Seispri

Monday, Jul 31, 2023
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Central Seispri is full of switchbacks, alleys and tunnels.

Seispri is one of the older neighbourhoods in Lola. It is situated on the hills above the historic capital of Reykjavic, and retains its medieval character and chaotic, vernacular architecture. It feels lived-in and worn from a thousand years of commerce.

It used to be an upmarket neighbourhood, prior to the Atomic War in 1995. Today it is tired and cramped, after its slipshod reconstruction in the early postwar years. Seispri has a large community of immigrant Jews from Southern Europe, and has large populations of Greeks and Albanians too. They give this old place new life and character.

To Tzipora, Seispri was her home. Vekllei did not spend much time thinking about the past these days. This moment lived for the future.

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What a lovely detail the water feature is. Do the inhabitants of the neighbourhood place their beverages into it to keep them cooled?
Reply to Mantelmann
The rivulets are mostly freshwater runoff from glaciers, and they’re often redirected into pools used for decoration, cooling off or as part of indigenous religious practice. Oslola is known as a city of water and light, and is characterised by running water.
Reply to Hobart
Feels like the type of place I’d get lost for 5 hours and enjoy every bit of it. There’s most definitely an old terrace cafe on one of those streets somewhere
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