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The Expo’74 Experimental Molten-Salt Peace Reactor

Sunday, Sep 15, 2019
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Only had time for a quick painting tonight. Bigger things soon, after I get some things out of the way…

Expo’74 was the 2074 World’s Fair, hosted in Vekllei for the first time in nearly a century. The country had made tremendous progress in recovery from the First Atomic War, and set to work nearly a decade in advance of the Expo to create a palatial fairgrounds between the districts of the Capital and Ro.

The centrepiece of which was a triumph of Newda design and Vekllei civic construction: the Number 7 Plant, or Peace Reactor, which was the first commissioned molten-salt fission reactor of its type in the country to produce power. The main reactor structure is located within a pure unblemished sphere above a grand public hall and museum detailing Vekllei’s long history with nuclear power.

Although it does not produce as much power as the country’s larger plants at 1,020 megawatts, and is frequently shut down for experiments, it is uniquely situated upon a hill in the centre of the city and is visible from almost all parts of the capital area. It is a physical testament to prosperity itself, and its public grounds are a popular attraction for locals and visitors alike.