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The Mountain Railway

Wednesday, Sep 4, 2019
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Many dozens of little trains wind their way around mountain peaks in the centre of Vekllei. They stop at upland villages and towns of sometimes only a few dozen people, before consolidating into larger terminuses that connect nearly every village in Vekllei by rail. It is possible, should the timetables align, that you can reach the capital from any part of the country in under 2 hours.

This sprawling rail network is ubiquitous with the Vekllei landscape, where images of simple agricultural life coincide with a train or tram. They are among the most beloved services of Vekllei society, from the vehicles themselves to the people that run them. Almost every precious memory and significant occasion of Vekllei life is preceded by a trip on the train.

I’ve posted another painting of Vekllei trains here. I’ve also illustrated the uniforms of Vekllei rail staff.