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Tzipora's Purse

Wednesday, Oct 25, 2023
Tzipora has her essentials available to her at all times.

This illustration is a spiritual successor to this story from 2020.

Many institutions in Vekllei give branded accessories to students and employees. Although it is rare that clothing itself is branded, items like bags, pins, jewellery, ties and coats are commonly designed and gifted by corporations and government as a means of fostering community.

Perhaps most visible in Vekllei society is the “company purse,” a quirk of this culture in which almost all employment with a major company awards a branded purse, designed in the colours or imagery of the employer. Vekllei government also gifts “company purses,” as do government schools by extension.

It is not unusual for secondary school students to carry purses or briefcases, since students in Vekllei are not generally assigned homework and so leave their books at school.

Tzipora’s purse depicted here incorporates elements of the circular Parliament of Education logo, and its colours. It was designed by Vekllei fashion house Spaa S.p.A, and Tzipora uses it to store all her best stuff.

  • Cola: Tzipora drinks a bottle of Ola Cola a day, usually in the grape flavour.
  • Fruit Tingles: A popular sweet pastille, easily shared and useful for bribing favour.
  • Book of the Week: Tzipora reads 2-3 paperbacks a week, mostly science fiction or fantasy but also some miscellaneous titles that catch her eye.
  • Civic Passport: The Vekllei Civic Passport functions as both an international and internal passport, and contains essential documents and information. It has plastic cards which can be clipped in for things like student IDs.
  • Safety Matches: For cigarettes and mischief.
  • Loose Cigarettes: You aren’t allowed to smoke in government schools, but Tzipora keeps a few cigarettes floating around in her purse for emergencies.
  • Pen & Pencil: The purse has special holders for writing utensils, the most important tool of students.
  • Comb: Tzipora has a thick tangle of curly hair, and needs a comb to tame particularly bad curls.
  • Cool Rocks: What are you supposed to do? Leave the cool rock on the ground? How would you show it to others?
  • Lip Balm: For emergencies.