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The Constabulary

Thursday, Aug 23, 2018
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⚠️ This article is archived, and should be considered non-canon.

Policing is always difficult in utopian planning. On one hand, utopia is inherently opposed to the idea of policing and the can of worms it brings β€” on the other, people need to feel safe and protected. That’s not something I’ll be talking about today.

The Vekllei Constabulary are the second largest policing body in the country, after conventional police.

Business and manufacturing are divided into two arenas in Vekllei:

Venrouiva: administrative, governmental and national facilities of essential function. Technically, anything under command of the bodies that form national direction (government, legislature, judiciary, etc.) are part of the Venrouiva. This is similar to what we think of nationalised institutions in our countries, but also includes essential industries like electricity and education.

Senrouive: is distinct from Venrouiva as private or personal business. This is not the same as β€˜private’ property, as we understand it. Vekllei does not actually make any distinction of property β€” everything belongs to the land, including the country. Vekllei does not use money, either. Instead, anything self-operating and nonessential to the operation of the country is Senrouive. Restaurants, cinemas, department stores, etc.

The Constabulary are the police force responsible for responding to, patrolling, and protecting Venrouiva business in the country. They are general protection for all seats of power, military assets, power stations, libraries, hospitals, places of worship, national monuments, schools, etc.

Their distinctive uniform is handed down from their years as a rifle-equipped military police. They wear a dark half-cape, white Sam Browne belt, leather gloves and a ceremonial sword from Vekllei’s years of monarchy. Women often wear a skirt with a gi quarter-pleat also found in civilian Vekllei clothes and uniforms, as well as a cap. The uniform changes depending on the season and purpose of their duty.

Unlike regular police, which are mostly disarmed in Vekllei, Constabulary always carry pistols, and often submachine guns. While they do not make house calls, you will see them establish checkpoints and escort protests. Keep an eye out for them next time you’re there.

Let me know if you have any questions! Another entry in the series of cheap sketches that are easier than effortposts.